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Our Health Counts: Hamilton

April 1, 2011

There were three project community sites for the Our Health Coiunts study: First Nations in Hamilton, Inuit in Ottawa, and Métis in Ottawa. This report focuses on the First Nations in Hamilton community site, which was chosen as the First Nations project community site because of its significant Aboriginal population (13,735) persons reporting Aboriginal ancestry according to the 2006 Census and strong infrastructure of Aboriginal community health and social services. This project was carried out using community based participatory research methods. Our approach promoted balance in the relationships between the Aboriginal organizational partners, academic research team members, Aboriginal community participants and collaborating Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations throughout the health information adaptation process, from initiation to dissemination.

Key Project Findings and implications For Health Policy And Practice:

The “Our Health Counts” report presents their findings – 14 specific recommendations – under the following categories:

  1. Housing, services for low income and marginalized populations,and addressing inequities in the social determinants of Health
    • Housing (1)
    • Services for Low Income and Marginalized Populations (1)
    • Addressing Inequities in the Social Determinants of Health (1)
  2. Chronic Disease and Disability (1)
  3. Health Care Access (1)
  4. Aboriginal specific services, cultural safety, and Aboriginal self-determination of Health care delivery:
    • Aboriginal Specific Services for Family Treatment, Mental Health and Maternal Health (1)
    • Cultural Safety (1)
    • Aboriginal Self-Determination of Health Care Delivery (1)
  5. Children’s Health (3)
  6. Research (1)
  7. System Planning (2)