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Racism in Nunavut: CCRC complaint into conduct of RCMP

August 18, 2020

RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CCRC) – Chairperson of the RCMP CCRC has initiated a complaint into the conduct of RCMP members involved in an incident in Nunavut. RCMP appointed the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) to investigate and determine whether criminal charges should be laid. In addition, an RCMP internal Code of Conduct investigation into the actions of the officer is underway. The Commission will be conducting the investigation into my complaint pursuant to section 45.66(1) of the RCMP Act. Specifically, the investigation will address:

  • The circumstances leading up to the incident in question;
  • Whether the conduct of the RCMP member driving the vehicle was reasonable in the circumstances;
  • Whether the arrest of the man was reasonable in the circumstances;
  • Whether the use of force employed by RCMP members during the man’s arrest was reasonable in the circumstances;
  • Whether the man required and received adequate medical care following the initial incident;
  • The circumstances surrounding the man’s alleged assault while in custody, whether reasonable steps were taken to ensure his safety, and whether the conditions of detention in the cell were adequate;
  • Whether the man received adequate medical care following the incident in the cell;
    The actions taken by the RCMP in response to this matter.

The RCMP members’ conduct will be assessed in accordance with relevant law and RCMP policy. Consideration will also be given as to whether racial bias and/or discrimination played a role in the man’s arrest and subsequent treatment. This is not the same as an independent civil review of the RCMP requested by the Qikiqtani Inuit Association.

Oct. 26, 2020 – Bill 53, an “Act to Amend the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Agreement Act”, received its first reading in the legislative assembly on Thursday, Oct. 22. The new bill adds provisions to allow independent investigations to look into police-involved civilian injuries or deaths in the territory and the terms to create such a body. As it stands, the Nunavut RCMP has agreements with the Ottawa and Calgary police services to conduct third-party investigations of incidents involving the police that lead to serious injury or death