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RCMP Cultural Training Criticism

February 16, 2021

Toronto Star – A mandatory online training program called “Cultural Awareness and Humility” that was rolled our last fall for all RCMP members and touted by the commissioner as an example of the force’s efforts to modernize misses the mark on many levels according to experts who have reviewed the program for the Star, including:

  • Lack of content addressing institutionalized racism. The training only emphasizes implicit biases and reforming individual attitudes and behaviours
  • Role of RCMP in colonization was given short shrift – just three paragraphs
  • A section dealing with how to avoid stereotyping in communication was too simplified
  • Some sections contained outdated or confusing terminology
  • A participant is simply given a certificate without needing to demonstrate any real change
  • Courses could use a primer on Aboriginal jurisprudence and knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal rights.
  • One page on the vulnerability of Indigenous women and girls is summed up in three paragraphs and glos0ses over the MMIWG