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Reconciliation and Treaty Implementation in action: Tsawwassen First Nation adds lands to Tsawwassen jurisdiction

April 25, 2024

NationTalk: Tsawwassen, BC – Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) is in the process of incorporating 11 parcels of lands contiguous with the Treaty settlement boundary, to Tsawwassen jurisdiction.

The incorporation of these lands demonstrates how treaty implementation can be an effective means of reconciliation. The Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement, signed by TFN, the Government of Canada, and the Province of BC, and effective April 3, 2009, sets out the process for TFN to acquire and incorporate specified lands near Brunswick Point, that were historically governed by TFN prior to colonization. Brunswick Point is deeply rooted in the history, culture and heritage of the Tsawwassen First Nation and continues to connect the Tsawwassen Peoples to our ancestors, stories, lands, and waters that sustain our community and life.

The 11 parcels are owned by TFN and are currently under the jurisdiction of the City of Delta and within the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR). While the jurisdiction of the parcels will change to TFN after the incorporation, the lands will remain in the ALR.  Agriculture is culturally linked to TFN, as is the importance of access to local foods.

Tsawwassen First Nation is working with the lessees of the parcels and looks forward to establishing long term relationships, rooted in shared values around food security and sustainability. Discussions are underway to ensure servicing is unhindered and unchanged by the transition by working closely with the City of Delta. Following the incorporation of the parcels to Tsawwassen Lands, TFN will assume jurisdiction, including property taxation, laws, and regulations.

“The Tsawwassen People have lived and governed these lands since time immemorial. As šxʷkʷecxənəm, which in our language means “lookout” or stewards, it is very important for the Nation to provide stewardship of these lands, to exercise our established Treaty rights, and to maintain our connection to the Land and culture, which is at the heart of who we are.” said Chief sxʷamisaat Laura Cassidy.

“Brunswick Point lands play a significant role in the Tsawwassen First Nation’s history, culture, and heritage. We are committed to reconciliation and will continue to foster and collaborate with Tsawwassen First Nation to support this important milestone. We believe that through respectful cooperation, we can ensure a smooth transition for residents and strengthen our relationship with the Tsawwassen First Nation,” said Mayor George Harvie, City of Delta.

To incorporate the lands, Tsawwassen First Nation is closely collaborating with TFN’s Treaty Partners, Canada, and BC. TFN will also work closely with regional stakeholders through this process, including the City of Delta and Metro Vancouver.

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