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Tahltan Central Government, B.C. take step forward to develop wildlife stewardship in Tahltan Territory

October 18, 2022

VICTORIA – The Tahltan Central Government and the Province of B.C. have agreed to work together toward the development and implementation of a world-class wildlife regime, led by Tahltan knowledge and expertise that will protect and preserve Tahltan wildlife, culture and way of being.

The Tahltan Central Government – British Columbia Accord on Wildlife Management outlines a vision and commitment for establishing a wildlife stewardship regime in Tahltan Territory. The accord highlights the Tahltan Central Government’s ongoing efforts to address the wildlife concerns of Tahltan people by protecting wildlife populations in Tahltan Territory with a focus on caribou restoration and predator management. It builds on and continues years of efforts to collaboratively advance enhanced wildlife stewardship in Tahltan Territory with the Province, including regional approaches achieved through the current Collaborative Stewardship Forum.

“The Tahltan Central Government – British Columbia Accord on Wildlife Management recognizes Tahltan title and rights, Tahltan local knowledge and Tahltan values. Since time immemorial, the Tahltan Nation’s identity and the essence of who we are as a distinct society has been connected to our land. We are the land. We are our wildlife,” said Chad Norman Day, president, Tahltan Central Government. “Tahltans have reiterated that there will be no world-class mining in our territory without world-class wildlife management and stewardship. This accord echoes our view. We have been standing up for our rights as Tahltan people, demanding respect of our knowledge and values, and fighting for our future generations. As a Nation, we are grieving the loss of our first Tahltan Wildlife Guardian, Jarett Quock. I am proud to see his passionate work reflected in this accord and thank him for all that he has done for the Tahltan Central Government, our wildlife department and the Tahltan Nation. I am grateful to our wildlife department and our guardians who are out on the land working hard to protect our wildlife. Mēduh.”

Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests, said: “British Columbians value the incredible variety of wildlife and supporting ecology in our province. Wildlife is crucial to protecting the Tahltan’s Aboriginal rights, culture and way of life. This accord creates opportunities for expanded collaboration on wildlife stewardship that respects Tahltan needs and offers clear opportunities for resident hunters, guide outfitters and shared benefits throughout the region.”

The shared vision and commitment is an integral step along the reconciliation pathway between the Province and the Tahltan Nation. The accord parallels other efforts to foster resource development founded on recognition and respect of Tahltan Aboriginal title and rights, fostering sustainable economic growth, rigorous environmental standards and social responsibility.

The new wildlife management system will have three core elements:

  • joint wildlife governance;
  • co-management; and
  • joint information and data collection.

There are also immediate measures to be implemented that include caribou and moose monitoring plans and support for Tahltan predator monitoring and management.

Quick Facts:

  • Tahltan Territory is 95,933 square kilometres, or the equivalent of 11% of the province of British Columbia, and is in northern B.C.
  • Joint wildlife governance is possible under Section 7 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (Declaration Act), which passed in 2019.
  • On June 6, 2022, Tahltan and B.C. signed a consent-based decision-making agreement under Section 7 of the Declaration Act for the Eskay Creek Revitalization Project.

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