Actions and Commitments

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

February 22, 2022

The total Project cost has increased from $12.6 to $21.4 billion. This estimate includes the costs of all known Project enhancements, changes, delays and financing, including impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the substantial preliminary impacts of the November 2021 BC floods in the Hope, Coquihalla and Fraser Valley areas.

The Project proudly embodies unprecedented levels of involvement, and shared decision making, with Indigenous Peoples and communities. Through job creation, procurement opportunities, partnerships, and involvement in the environmental management and oversight process, long-term legacy and economic benefits for Indigenous Peoples are being created.

  • Approximately 11 per cent of the Project workforce is Indigenous
  • Trans Mountain has close to 4,000 contracts with Indigenous businesses and partnerships worth over $2.7 billion.
  • Route changes and new construction techniques have been undertaken as a result of continuous Indigenous engagement and
  • The Project now has Mutual Benefit Agreements (MBA’s) with 69 Indigenous communities.

Project enhancements total approximately $2.3 billion of the increase. This includes a substantial increase in trenchless construction activity, significantly more MBAs with Indigenous communities that provide enduring economic benefits, the installation of advanced leak detection systems, and new unplanned scope and route changes that avoid culturally and environmentally sensitive areas.