Current Problems

Justice (25-42)

Viens Commission Final Report

October 4, 2021

The report of the Viens Commission contains 142 recommendations, of which 135 are addressed to the Québec government 68 of which are in progress.
The calls for action cover the entire array of government services offered to the Indigenous peoples (justice, correctional and police services, health, social services, youth protection, and so on) and demand:

  • a change of organizational culture in the main public service networks;
  • the enhancement of the services that the indigenous peoples receive, especially health services;
    enhanced funding of public services;
  • enhanced delivery of certain public services intended for the Indigenous peoples;
    legislative and regulatory amendments;
  • heightened public awareness of Indigenous realities.

Initiatives with Concrete Spin-offs

The Québec government announced in Budget 2020 $200 million to implement the calls for action.

  • Enhance and perpetuate funding for services
    • Strengthen primary care in urban environments based on the innovative Val-d’Or health and social services model
    • Support the relocation of the Resilience Montreal homeless shelter in Montréal
    • Adapt the justice services offered to the Indigenous peoples through broader support for Indigenous Courtwork Services
  • Enhance the quality of services
    • Implement new community justice initiatives in urban environments
    • Establish mixed police intervention teams devoted to vulnerable individuals
    • Establish three new community living environments for adult and other students and their families
      Implement cultural safety in public service
    • Implement the cultural safety approach in the health and social services network
    • Enhance access to court interpreters in Indigenous languages

Concrete measures that have had or will have an immediate impact of the lives of individuals have been announced and $125 million has already been committed.