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June 28, 2023

Government Extends Funding for Sawêyihtotân Project

NationTalk: The Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) have agreed to extend the Sawêyihtotân project, which helps people who are homeless find stable and long-term housing. Sawêyihtotân, pronounced “suh-WAY-EE-TOTE-tahn,” means “to bless each other through our show of respect for each other.” The province is providing STC with a $350,000 grant to extend...

February 28, 2023

Manitoba Government Provides $126 Million to Address Chronic Homelessness

Collaborative Effort Creates Whole-of-Government Strategy to Strengthen Existing Services, Deliver 24-7 Access to Shelters, Fund Social Housing, Introduce New Wrap-Around Services The Manitoba government is unveiling a new strategy for addressing homelessness that will fund up to 700 new social housing units this year and introduce new wrap-around services to help those experiencing homelessness, Families...

February 27, 2023

New Permanent Housing Centre for Indigenous peoples experiencing homelessness opens in Montreal

NationTalk: CISION: MONTRÉAL – Today, the governments of Canada and Quebec and the City of Montréal are proud to open Maison Akhwà:tsire, a permanent, culturally safe housing centre created by Projets Autochtones du Québec (PAQ). The centre will be providing 18 rooms that can accommodate up to 22 Indigenous men and women experiencing chronic homelessness in Montréal. This centre is...

December 14, 2022

Thirty new tiny shelters coming to Port Alberni

PORT ALBERNI – Construction has started on Port Alberni’s first tiny-shelter village, which will provide 30 homes for people experiencing homelessness in the community. “We recognize the urgent need for safe and secure homes for vulnerable people in Port Alberni, especially for Indigenous people, who are heavily over-represented among British Columbians experiencing homelessness,” said Josie...

November 2, 2022

Provincial Government Working with Community Partners to Support Vulnerable Populations and Public Safety

NationTalk: The Provincial Government is working with community partners, stakeholders and Indigenous Governments and Organizations to address the needs of vulnerable populations and to ensure public safety in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. In June, the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Acute Response Team was established, which brings together senior leaders and decision-makers from the Provincial Government, Indigenous Governments...

October 31, 2022

Manitoba Government Announces Initiatives to Improve Community Safety and Wellness across the Province

NationTalk: Working in Partnership with Community-Based Organizations to Provide Supports for Those Most in Need: Premier The Manitoba government is helping make communities safer by addressing and preventing homelessness with new investments in shelters and rental supports, Premier Heather Stefanson and Families Minister Rochelle Squires announced today. “The path to a safe community is supporting...

April 1, 2019

Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy

First announced on June 11, 2018, Reaching Home replaces the existing Homelessness Partnering Strategy, and will continue to support communities’ efforts to prevent and reduce homelessness in Canada. Reaching Home supports the goals of the National Housing Strategy, especially the reduction of chronic homelessness nationally by 50% by 2027–28. Through Reaching Home, the Government of...

March 27, 2019

Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Homelessness, 2018

7.1 Addressing Indigenous homelessness Indigenous Peoples are significantly over-represented among Canada’s homeless population as a result of colonization. This issue should be reflected in Homelessness Partnering Strategy funding and policies. Overall, statistics show that the rate of shelter use for Indigenous Peoples is 10 times higher than for non-Indigenous people. When compared with rates of...

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