Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 27: Justice (25-42)

University of Saskatchewan Nunavut Law Program

July 28, 2019

Announced funding for the University of Saskatchewan Nunavut Law Program at the Nunavut Arctic College, a legal education program designed to increase the number of practicing lawyers in Nunavut and to improve access to justice for Nunavummiut. The program is a partnership between Nunavut Arctic College and the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. The Government of Canada will provide the University of Saskatchewan with $341,600 through the Justice Partnership and Innovation Program over the next two years. ‎ Funding from the Government of Canada will enable students to engage in experiential learning opportunities in legal advocacy and will establish a legal clinic in Iqaluit where they can gain hands-on law practice experience. The program will also provide guest lecturers on Arctic, Inuit and Circumpolar issues, and will hold programming on cultural skills, Inuktitut legal terminology, and traditional law lectures to reflect the needs and priorities of Nunavut.