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Post-Secondary Indigenous Facts

Post-Secondary Indigenous Facts


Indigenous Education Description


Prioritize reconciliation in strategic planning

Have or are developing a strategic plan for advancing reconciliation and to ensure the academic success of Indigenous students


Offer financial aid Offer financial aid dedicated specifically to Indigenous students


Partner with indigenous communities Have a partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations to foster dialogue and reconciliation


Offer Indigenous-focused programs Offer programs that are specifically designed for Indigenous students or have an Indigenous focus


Engage with Elders on campus Work with Elders to provide cultural supports like visits and mentoring to Indigenous students


Offer transition Programs These include outreach programs in indigenous communities, academic support and mentorship for Indigenous students starting as early as the elementary school level

Source: Universities Canada survey of members on Indigenous Education, 2019

Aboriginal academics made up about 1 per cent of university professors in 2016 and 3 per cent of college instructors, even though they constitute 4 per cent of the labour force and 5 per cent of undergraduate students.
Study released April 6, 2018 by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

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