Urban Commitments to Reconciliation: Background Content

Federal Programs

May 1, 2017

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Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples

Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples (UPIP), implemented by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), funds and supports activities that allow Indigenous organizations to serve clients, and to deliver effective culturally appropriate programs and services to urban Indigenous peoples as well as invest in local stakeholder coalitions across Canada. It also provides opportunities for greater federal coordination of programming and supports research and pilot projects to better understand the urban Indigenous context. In May of 2017, the Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples (UPIP) replaces the Previous UAS program after feedback received during engagement held in 2016.

The UPIP aims to improve the quality of life for the more than 780,000 Indigenous people living in Canada’s urban areas. The Program offers four streams of funding:

1. Organizational capacity

This stream offers core funding for up to five years to Indigenous organizations that deliver programs or services to urban Indigenous peoples. Core funding covers the day-to-day operating costs of an organization, like staffing of key positions, utilities, rent, etc.

2. Programs and services

This stream provides project funding for up to five years to organizations that deliver programs and services to Indigenous peoples in urban areas. Projects that focus on these six key areas will be considered for funding:

  • women (such as projects to help women transition out of shelters)
  • vulnerable populations (such as projects for persons with addictions, disabilities, seniors)
  • youth (such as projects that provide land-based activities, mentoring)
  • transition services (such as navigator services)
  • outreach programs (such as cultural awareness training for non-Indigenous organizations)
  • community wellness (such as housing plans or studies, anti-racism, pre-employment supports)

3. Coalitions

This stream supports local coalitions that bring together all levels of government and other stakeholders. Under this stream, UPIP will connect organizations and all levels of government to:

  • identify key local priorities and needs
  • ensure efficient and coordinated delivery of urban Indigenous programs

The coalitions will:

  • promote local collaboration
  • identify local needs
  • develop local plans on how best to address the priorities

The funding for this stream will be delivered through targeted calls for proposals. For more details on who can apply and how to apply, contact your INAC regional office.

4. Research and innovation

This stream provides funding to academics, researchers and organizations in order to:

  • better understand the urban Indigenous reality
  • gather information on best practices, methodologies and programming approaches
  • pilot innovative programs and services to address systemic challenges in new ways

National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) will administer the Friendship Centre’s Organization Capacity and Program and Services funding through its network of Provincial Territorial Associations (PTAs). The NAFC will also administer the program directly to Friendship Centres in the Atlantic Region (5 Centres) and the Yukon (1 Centre). Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) has retained funding under the organizational capacity and programs and services funding streams and will administer funds for all other Indigenous organizations, through a Call for Proposals.

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