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May 21, 2024

Yellowknives Dene scholar on the ‘critical history’ of community’s self-determination

Dene self-determination is part of a global decolonization movement, says Glen Coulthard  Ideas, 53:59 – How global liberation efforts helped shape the Dene fight for self-determination Click on the following link to listen to Ideas: CBC News: CBC Radio – In the mid-20th century, a powerful exchange of ideas took place — between the...

August 29, 2023

Australians to vote on whether to recognize Indigenous people in constitution

Referendum will be held Oct. 14, prime minister announced Wednesday  CBC News: The Associated Press – Australians will vote on Oct. 14 on a proposed law to create a so-called Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the nation’s first referendum in a generation. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday announced the referendum date, triggering just over...